What is Membership About?

Renew Covenant Church is a community on a mission.

We believe the church is the collection of people who exist to join with God in redeeming and restoring the world. In order to do this, we need to know who our ‘core’ is— those who are on this mission with us. We need to know the people who have put their hands into the middle of the circle to say, “I’m in! You can count on me. I believe in this vision. I affirm these values. I want to know our challenges, and I want to help move the ball forward.”

At Renew we call these people "members". Members are no longer spectators and they’re more than sideline cheerleaders. They’re suited up and on the playing field; they’re “in” the game. Only it’s not a game—it’s our very reason for being alive.

How does a person become a member at Renew?


1) Be a regular part of our church for 6 months. 

(An opportunity to really see what makes us tick.)


2) Attend an membership course.

(A time of coffee & conversation where you can learn all about us and we can hear your story too.)


3) Be formally welcomed by the Renew Covenant Church family.

(We acknowledge you on a Sunday and make you blush.)


Interested in our next membership course? 

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