Jesus said that he came that we might "have life abundantly" but so often we settle for lives in which we "believe" in God with our minds and say we "trust" in God with our hearts but don't allow Him to work on the deep areas in us where we really long for freedom and transformation. This May and June we're preaching through this series that will equip you with practical tools for allowing God to do His amazing work. These lessons will coincide with adult learning groups offered on Sundays and Tuesdays through the month of June where we'll dive deep into the course material and spend good time reflecting together. We are so excited to dig in and hope you'll join us for this powerful time of learning and growing. Click here to learn more about groups.

"We opened the sermon time with a clip of the song "A Million Dreams" from the film, The Greatest Showman. We cannot repost here for copyright reasons but you should totally check it out as a major illustration referred to throughout the message. Just watch the whole film - it really is wonderful image of the effect our past can have on our present." - Pastor Tim

We began the 2nd message (How Knowing Yourself is Related to Knowing God) with this video.

It seems to draw a parallel to the ways in which God’s loving hand makes beauty out of even the most broken parts of our stories and lives when entrusted to him. In fact, those areas become celebrated victories, beautiful to those with eyes to see. Hear this description from the YouTube posting:

“Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese craft of fusing broken pottery with gold. The craft originated when the Emperor shattered his favourite cup. It was sent to China for repair but returned stapled. Dissatisfied the Emperor commissioned local artisans to mend it aesthetically. Thus the technique of melding with Japanese lacquer and 24k Gold leaf came about.”