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Bottom Line: Jesus is the One before whom we are both completely vulnerable and completely loved.

As humans we have limited sight. That's the way it is. And only able to see the exterior of things we're left to make sense of our world and other people based on what we can see. But while people judge one another based on externals, God looks straight into the heart. This understanding has the capacity to both comfort us in our weakness and challenge us in our pride. Ironically, it's in confessing the parts we'd rather not allow anyone to see that we are able to be loved most fully.

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:1-13; Psalm 51:10-12; Our Gospel reading was John 7:14-24.

This Week's scriptures here.

A video we played prior to this week's message: 

Different cultures have different conceptions of the human heart, what it is and what it does, and the biblical authors are no exception. In this video we'll explore the ancient Hebrew words for "heart" as well as the different ideas of what our hearts represent.