We wrap-up our first summer series with Callie who shares about personal growth, drama, and wearing your faith.

For the past 5 weeks we've been looking at helpful steps for sharing our faith in ways that are natural and Christ-like. Simply put, Jesus did these things, taught his followers to do them (in word or practice), and we'd do well to take note. We can...

Begin with Prayer (acknowledging that the power to transform lives resides with God alone)

Listen with Care (showing up and listening deeply to people Jesus loves)

Eat Together (creating opportunities for intimacy and vulnerability where friendships grow)

Serve with Love (displaying genuine care and love for others)

Share Your Story (because your story matters & can inspire growth in others) 

We heard Callie's story and reflected on how sharing our faith is about passing along to others what has been invested in us. Check out these words from the Apostle Paul to his protegé, Timothy.

Learn more in this short video and in on the Covenant website here.